Mark Neveu


Following an idealist quest for cost effective health solutions, my research career has navigated through the cutting edge of scientifically prestigious labs (Harvard, Pfizer) and into the lunatic fringe of skeptical science (Natural Cures without any evidence).  The goal for all of the changes in research strategies was to discover a quantum leap in understanding the incredible mystery of health and disease.  This may sound crazy, but historically many of the most important discoveries happen by chance, or by being at the right place at the right time, rather than being planned because someone was smarter than Mother Nature. 

My research journey has explored both conventional and alternative (complementary/integrative) approaches to healthcare in the hope of discovering safe and effective therapies.  However, after 25 years of searching I got very frustrated because every path I explored seemed to end with one or more “fundamental flaws” that made the approach I was exploring a futile attempt.  Because my mind did not want to stay trapped in the maze, I decided to escape to a rural location to search inside for some sort of awakening experience to why after spending trillions of dollars the best minds in the world still cannot effectively prevent or treat most degenerative diseases.

Fortunately, my partner (author/engineer Richard Blanco – Inaugural Poet for President Obama 2013) was also seeking the solitude of nature in order to harvest all of the emotional experiences he has acquired during his search for home as a first generation exile from Cuba.  For three years we have lived in Bethel, Maine and both have found that inner voice that we have been searching for. I feel that my quest for scientific truth is emerging through my recent studies of how biophysics applies to the absorption and effectiveness of natural molecules and drugs. 

Thanks to the Internet it is possible for me to work with clients globally from our remote home.  In the coming months I plan to start posting some of these insights that were inspired by introspection, as well as, overview what I feel are some of the key “fundamental flaws” that thwart scientific breakthroughs.  All I can say is that it has been a wonderful odyssey of discovery and only possible because of the 12 year gift of a supportive partner that has allowed me to take an unbridled quest to tap into the art of scientific discovery.